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Hi! I’m Ryan Androsoff (as you likely guessed from the URL).This blog started as a blank slate without much of an idea as to what I would use this piece of digital real-estate for. What it has evolved into is a place for me to muse, share, and reflect on those parts of my life that aren’t always part of my day-to-day professional activities (the contours of which you can find here or you can see some presentations that I have given over the past few years on digital transformation in government here).

Posts here will be infrequent, inconsistent, and occasionally irrelevant. And that’s OK. For more of a day-to-day heartbeat of what I’m up to, following me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram is your best bet.

And of course, all views expressed on this site are strictly my own.

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Ryan, I found numerous photos of Blaine Lake Sask on your flicker page and I would like your permission to utilize the one of the grain elevator to include in my Mom’s memoirs which she started compiling at age 92. She was born and raised in Blaine Lake. Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for the comment Trisha and please feel free to use it. My pictures are intended to be public domain.

Over 16 months in the making, DoukhoborMusic.ca has opened and unveiled its site to the public and invites you to visit!

From 1948 to the end of the vinyl era (circa 1988) Doukhobors in Canada, recorded more records (per capita) than any other ethnic group. This phenomenon has gone largely unnoticed – until now.

Currently there are over 24 hours of music online – denoised, cleaned and remastered using state-of-the-art hardware and software tools, all available for your listening pleasure – enjoyable as if it was recorded yesterday, but sounding like it should today. Free to listen, free to download! No membership, no hidden costs, no fees; simply free.

Feel free to forward this e-mail to your family and friends and come and enjoy the unique beauty of Doukhobor music – heard like never before!


Hi Ryan,

What a fabulous (and important) historical initiative you have launched! Congratulations!

I am wanting to pass along some information to you regarding potential funding.

Although your project has passed the final date for this year’s “Documentary Heritage Communities Program”, it may be a possibility for next year. The submissions information can be found here, on Library and Archives Canada’s website … http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/services/documentary-heritage-communities-program/Pages/guidelines.aspx

Also, scroll down to the section entitled “Other Relevant Programs” for other possible funding sources. There are 11 programs listed, including “Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage”, “Virtual Museums of Canada”, and others for which your project may meet the criteria.

Wishing you nothing but success for your project!


Hello Ryan,

A while ago I was doing research on what people do with their calendars and stumbled over your awesome Life Calendar post. I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing it, because it inspired me on my own project of a life calendar (www.kalenderkind.com). I hope you don’t mind that I posted a link to your your post there, as an example of what people do with life calendars. Please let me know if it bothers you and I can remove it immediately. I’m not a big company with a marketing budget and the ability to send out free product, otherwise I would send you a calendar. But maybe the link to your site on my product page can be a bit of a small recognition of your inspiration to this idea.

Greetings from Munich

Thanks so much Petra for letting me know about your project – I think it looks awesome! Honoured that I played some small role in inspiring you, and please feel free to link to my posts about the life calendar. You are actually reminding me that I am well overdue for an update on mine – will let you know when I have a new one (and happy to link people to your site as well)!

Best wishes,


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